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painting in my studio

I grew up in Oregon. In the 1960s I married and immigrated to Canada . I now live in West Vancouver, British Columbia . In 2007 a close friend suggested we take a water colour class together, and I took to it like a duck to water. My teachers, Teressa Bernard and Lynn Colpitts, have been invaluable in teaching me about everything from mixing paints and colours to perspective and shadow. There is a flow in watercolour that I can’t seem to find in any other medium and it certainly isn’t as restricted as I had been told.. The colour variations that one can find, even by accident produce palates that are amazing.


I am a member of the: Federation of Canadian Artist, <> North Shore Arts Crawl, <> North Shore Artist Guild, Seymore Art Gallery, <> West Vancouver Community Arts Council (Silk Purse), <> I have created this site in order to share my work with you and to hear your comments. I will be posting events related to my work so check back to keep informed.

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  1. Janet Scully permalink

    Dear old friend, Ian MacLean and I were wondering about you and Don. I did my research and found you. In February 1975, I went to work as Don’s Secretary and Receptionist. Ian was friends with Richard Pavelek and his wife: hence, I have been a lifelong friend of Ian’s (resides in Ft. Lauderdale). I am in downtown Toronto. I just turned 70 on May 30. I have been an artist on/ off. My own walls are covered. I went to Santorini to paint for a month in 1989 before it became famous. Last September, I went to Milos Island solo, to live by the sea in Adamantas. I love the Greek Islands. So happy to see what you have accomplished. I found Don’s blog about his life. It was because he put your URL at the bottom of the page that I found you. Ian and I have such great memories of the house in West Vancouver and the parties. I hope you and Don are well. I hope you get this. Lots of love XOX

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